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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions provide for the conditions of engaging the Services provided by Results first Ltd. and their use by the User.

Technical information, not contained in these Terms and Conditions, that are required for the use of the Website are provided by the information available on the Website.

The language of the Terms and Conditions is English.

The order of the Services constitutes an electronic contract, which is governed by Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code and Act CVIII on certain issues of electronic commerce services and information society services. The contract is governed by Government Decree No. 45/2014 (II.26.) on the detailed rules of contracts concluded between consumers and businesses, and is attentive to the provisions of Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on consumer rights.

The electronic contract entered into via the Website constitutes a written contract, which is filed and later becomes available and viewable.

1. Definitions

Service Provider: Results first Ltd.

Registered seat, mail address: 1071 Budapest, Városligeti fasor 47-49.
E-mail: roiminer@roiminer.com / finance@resultsfirst.hu
Tax number: 29166570-2-42
Registration number: 01-09-381733
Registering court: Budapest-Capital Regional Court

Data of the server provider: Digital Ocean Inc. United States, New York, NY 10013, 101 Avenue of the Americas 10th floor. Tel: 1-347-903-7918, digitalocean.com

Website: the Internet site www.roiminer.com operated by the Service Provider, through which, among others, information relating to the Service, the Service User administration surface and the progress of Service orders are available.

User: The legal person or the corporate entity without a legal personality who, after the approval of the Service Provider, engages the Service.

Service: The aggregate services defined in the annexes of these Terms and Conditions. In terms of the services’ availability and status (public or non-public alpha/beta versions), the sub-conditions are discussed in the annexes.

Subscription period: The period regarding the use of each Service plan, which differs from one plan to another.

Service plan: Subscription plan offers available and ready to be ordered on the website under the menu „Plans”.

2. General Principles:

User submits that information provided upon registration is true and correct.

User undertakes to notify the Service Provider in writing of any changes in the information provided upon registration within three days.

User undertakes that it enters into the contract as a corporate entity, an entrepreneur or its legal representative. Service Provider warrants for each of its liabilities – among others, taxation, social security, accounting and business recording – arising from its partner, entrepreneur status – required either by legal or contractual obligations.

Service Provider undertakes not to carry out any activity during the User’s engagement of the Service that is directed at influencing, modifying, deleting or interfering at any other way with the User’s account, launched campaign or any of its activities. Service Provider carries out such an activity exclusively if asked by the User in writing. In that case, notwithstanding section 13, Service Provider undertakes no liability.

3. Subject of Terms and Conditions

The subject of these Terms and Conditions is the supply of the Service to the User, as within the framework of the Service the User may engage the Service or parts of the Service as defined in Annex No. 1 – depending on the Service plan.

4. The conditions of using the Service

4.1. Free trial period

The condition of the free trial period is the registration as defined in section 4.2, which entitles the User to order any of the Service plans subject to a fee.

If the User decides not to subscribe to the Service and not to purchase any of the Service plans at the end of the free trial period, then the Service Provider terminates the access to the Service at the end of this period.

The offer for the free trial version can only be redeemed once. Service Provider reserves the right to modify its offer of the free trial version at its discretion anytime, without notice and without accepting any accountability.

Further information on the content of the free trial version may be accessed by the User on the Website.

Service Provider excludes any liability to the full extent as permitted by law in respect of any damages that occurred during the free trial period regarding the engagement of the Service, in light of the fact that the trial period is provided for the purpose of testing the Service so that the User is able to decide at the end of the trial period whether continuing the use of the Service and purchasing any of the Service plan is desirable. Thus the Service Provider excludes any liability for the indirect or consequential damages, especially for the loss of profit, loss of income, service intervals, loss of data, and loss of goodwill.

User acknowledges that it chooses the Services and their functionalities from the Services offered by the Service Provider based on its own judgement bearing its own liability in order to reach its own business objectives.

Some of the services provided by ROIminer are available for free of charge in certain circumstances or at certain times. The information regarding this free of charge availability is made available by the Service Provider on the website www.roiminer.com, as part of its actual pricing.

4.2. Registration

The condition of engaging the Service is registration.

The contractual relationship as per these Terms and Conditions commences after the Service Provider’s affirmation of request for registration.

User may send its request for registration to the Service Provider – for affirmation – via the Website by filling out an electronic form or by clicking on the registration URL of the given module.

When it is received, the Service Provider reviews the request for registration and decides within its authority about its approval within 3 working days. Service Provider reserves the right however to deny the request on its discretion, without giving reasons, about which it informs the User within 3 working days.

If the Service Provider affirms the request for registration, it informs the User via e-mail.

The confidentiality of user data falls within the exclusive liability of the User. If it comes to the User’s attention that it is plausible that its Google account have been accessed by an unauthorised third-party, it is obliged to change its password. If it is presumable that the third-party is misusing the account in any way, the User is obliged to simultaneously notify the Service Provider. In case of any omission of duty regarding data of access set out in this paragraph, the User bears all adverse consequences.

User undertakes to notify the Service Provider of any change in the personal data given at registration in order to ensure that they are up to date, full and valid.

In case of delay in performance or any other adverse consequence that is due to false and/or imprecise data given by the User, all liability falls on the User.

4.3. Service charge

Use of the Service is conditioned – apart from the trial period – upon payment of fees.

The amount and deadline of fees payable for the Service Provider’s Services is based on the price list valid on the date of the contract, which can be accessed at www.roiminer.com.

Prices, fees and amounts as shown in these Terms and Conditions, on the Website and in any other communication by the Service Provider – apart from when it is explicitly stated in connection with the particular price, fee or amount – do not contain the value-added tax valid at the time.

Service Provider reserves the right– pursuant to the rules regulating the modification of the Terms and Conditions – to change prices, such a change however does not affect the charges payable for already purchased Service plans, that is the changed prices are not applicable for Services already ordered.

5. Purchase and payment of Service plans

Prices of the Service plans and the further Services provided within the Service plans are to be found under the Pricing menu on roiminer.com.

When the User has chosen the adequate Service plan, the ordering process can be started by clicking on the button indicating the ordering of the service.

User is obliged to pay the charges of the Service plan to the Service Provider by an up-front transfer (or any other payment means provided by the Service Provider’s website) as determined by the Service Provider in section 5.1

Service Provider writes a bill about the charges of the Service plan purchased after the amount has been received to its bank account, and sends it to the User to the address given at registration.

5.1. Methods of payment

5.1.1. By transfer: User is obliged to pay the charges of the Service plan ordered prior to the providing of the Service to the Service Provider by transfer to the bank account stated in section 1. When choosing this method of payment, the User shall wait until the Service Provider confirms the order before making the transfer. Service Provider provides the service to the User after the purchase price has arrived to its bank account. In case of significant and long-term engagement of the service, the Service Provider may provide the services with subsequent billing, but this must always be individually agreed with the Service Provider’s approval.

5.1.2. Other methods of payment: Apart from the payment methods above, Service Provider may offer continuously changing other payment options for the User. The conditions and description of these payment options are on the website.

6. Intellectual property rights

The result of activities performed within the framework of Services by Service Provider that are protected by intellectual property law, and the insured devices and products (hereafter “intellectual works”) are the property of the Service Provider and its subcontractors or suppliers, and other third-parties. With regard to the intellectual works, the User acquires a non-exclusive and limited right of use during the contractual relationship, property rights of those works do not transfer to the User, not even in cases permitted by law.

Unless agreement of the parties provide otherwise, any derivative work resulting from any modification, adaptation or complementation of the intellectual work are automatically, without any further contract, notification or activity will become the property of the Service Provider or of the proprietor of the original work; (i) irrespective of whether the modification, adaptation or complementation was performed by the Service Provider or by the User with the Service Provider’s permission or another an intermediate body within its interest and (ii) irrespective of whether the Service Provider performed the act following the User’s order or instructions. Such a derivative work will be governed by the right of use stated in this chapter.

Service Provider especially reserves the exclusive right to modify, translate, adapt or integrate the intellectual work with other works, systems or services by any means and the exclusive right to permit any such activity.

User consents and permits that the Client is to be listed as a reference by the Service Provider on its website, other documentations, promotional documents and offers handed to potential clients within its partners in order to promote the Service and to use the User’s trade mark, commercial name under these Terms and Conditions exclusively in connection with the listing as a reference.

Any other reference is allowed only with the other Party’s permission.

Unless these Terms and Conditions or agreement of the parties provide explicitly otherwise, the Service Provider provides the User with a non-exclusive, non-transferrable, remotely accessible right of use for one user with regard to the functionality of the Service and the software tools provided by the Service Provider. The right of use must not be lent, borrowed, commodated or sublicensed by the User. The User only holds the right of use during the term of the contractual relationship (the Subscription period).

Trade marks: Apart from the cases set out above, neither Party acquires a right in relation to the trade marks registered by the other Party or the use of tags, logos and commercial names used by the other Party. User is not entitled to remove the trade marks, logos, company name or indications of intellectual property rights from the services or products provided by the Service Provider.

6.1. Website, content

The Website is protected by copyright. Service Provider is the copyright owner or is the rightful user of the copyright of each of the contents provided with the Service: all of the copyright works or any other intellectual work (including amongst others each graphics and other works, the layout of the Website surface, its editing, the software and other technical solutions, ideas and their implementations). The Website, its graphic elements, its wording and other technical solutions are protected by the Service Provider’s copyright. Their copying either fully or partly breaches copyrights.

The printing or saving of the Website or parts of it to a disk, ssd, usb or sd card is not permitted even for personal use.

Use beyond personal use – for example storing in a database, forwarding, making public or making available for download, placing on the market – is permitted exclusively with the Service Provider’s prior written authorisation.

Service Provider reserves all its rights in connection with all elements of its service, with special regard to its Internet software, the domain names of app.roiminer.com and roiminer.com, their related sub-domains and sub-sites, its custom developed applications and their modules, appearance and algorithms. All activities are forbidden that are for the purposes of listing, organising, archiving, hacking of the Service Provider’s database or decoding its source codes, except when the Service Provider provides for a separate permission.

Without a separate agreement or the engagement of the service designed for these particular purposes, the modification or copying of the Service Provider’s database, the adding of new data or the overwriting of existing data is forbidden when circumventing the relevant surface and application provided by the Service Provider.

7. Quality of the Service

Service Provider guarantees for the following:

a) when delivering the Services, it carries out its activities in a way that is reasonable expectable from a company that develops and operates information technologies;

b) no third party owns rights (especially copyrights) in relation to the software and other documents provided with the Service by the Service Provider, which would impede or prevent the User from using and benefiting from the Services as provided for by the contract;

c) during the subscription period, the Services are operated to the quality and functionality standards stated in the contract and documentations.

Apart from the guarantees stated above, the Service Provider excludes any contractual or legal liability to the full extend permitted by law for any further defective or imperfect performance, especially the liability for quality pursuant to section 6:123 of the Civil Code.

Planned maintenance for a maximum of 1 (one) working day is not to regarded as a breach of the above guarantee, if the Service Provider gives a minimum of 3 (three) working days notice to the User by e-mail.

Service Provider takes reasonable effort to make sure that the Service operates with the generally known web browsers and operational systems.

User acknowledges that the Services are not fitted to the User’s individual needs (they are not custom-made).

Having regard to the fact that the Service is the complex combination of equipment, software and networks, while the Service Provider takes every reasonable effort that can be expected from it as a company providing information technologies to ensure the quality and accessibility, the User acknowledges that the Service Provider does not guarantee the Services to be accessible perfectly and uninterrupted constantly, nor that any faults that do not interrupt the use of the Services’ functions under the contract will be fixed. Service Provider only undertakes to start the troubleshooting process of faults that falls within its responsibility and to take reasonable efforts in fixing them. Service Provider excludes any liability for faults resulting from calculation errors, and damages (especially loss of profit) resulting directly or indirectly from faulty algorithms.

Service Provider reserves the right to suspend or to permanently terminate any of the functions – including especially the network segment, email address etc. – with respect to all Users in justified cases. For such a termination, the rules applicable to the unilateral modification of the Terms and Conditions will apply.

Service Provider excludes any liability for loss or damage of data or for faults resulting from such a loss or damage, which result from any cause that occurred during the data transfer on any networks not within the interest of the Service Provider (especially on public Internet networks or other electronic communication systems).

Service Provider excludes any liability for damages that result from the fault or deficiency of the Service that falls outside the interest or control of the Service Provider.

8. Obligations of the User

The User is obliged to follow the instructions and the related descriptions and documents that are handed to it or are available on the Website relating to the use of the Service and to carry out its activities according to these. User acknowledges that if a software is provided to the User by a Third Party as part of the Service, the Service Provider and the related contract or documentation provides separate conditions to the use of the Third Party Software, and so the User is obliged to follow these provisions also.

Public Internet connection and/or other network connection („Network Connection”) may be required for the use or administration (management) of some of the Services. It is the task and liability of the User at all times to provide and operate the Network Connection, the User side software (for example PC, tablet, operational system, web browser) that support the protocols and standards prescribed by the Service Provider.

Service Provider reserves the right to modify its safety mechanisms without prior notification to the User, especially to ask for the identifications to be changed from time-to-time or to introduce a different method of access.

User acknowledges that the Services cannot be assigned to a third party, they cannot be sold, the User’s entitlements cannot be granted without the Service Provider’s authorisation, third party use cannot be granted without the Service Provider’s prior written authorisation or without a separate agreement.

User is not permitted to infringe on third party rights or rightful interests, to breach legislation or to carry out activities in any other unlawful way or method.

Carrying out activities under this contract in an abusive or unlawful manner is not permitted, for example carrying out anti-competitive practices, using unlawful advertisements, carrying out activities subject to authorisation without authorisation or any other unlawful behaviour.

It is specifically forbidden to distribute any untrue, false or misleading information about the Service Provider or the Service, or to contribute to the disclosure or creation of such information.

9. Termination of the Parties’ contractual relationship

9.1. Cases of termination

The contractual relationship ceases:

a) when any of the Parties ceases to exist without a successor;
b) with the mutual agreement of the Service Provider and the User;
c) with the Service Provider’s termination without notice;
d) with the User’s termination.

Other sections of these Terms and Conditions may contain other cases of termination.

9.2. Service Provider’s right of termination without notice

Service Provider is entitled to terminate the contract without notice, with a written notification to the User, when

a) User breaches any of its material obligations under the Terms and Conditions, and does not remedy the resulting situation within 5 calendar days after receiving the Service Provider’s notice about doing so;

b) there is an enforceable bankruptcy, liquidation or winding up order by the court against the User, or if the company decides to go into liquidation;

c) User delays with its payment;

d) User uses the Services in an irregular or unlawful way, contrary to the contract, or not following the instructions communicated to it (based on either by the Service Provider’s observation or on a decision of any authority)

9.3. User’s right of termination

User is entitled to terminate the contract at any time with a 30 day written notice to the Service Provider.

User is entitled to terminate the contract without notice, with a written notification to the Service Provider, if the Service Provider fails to fulfil any of its obligations under the Terms and Conditions even after 10 days of the User’s written notice.

9.4. Consequences of termination. Parties’ accounting in case of termination of the contract

The termination ends the contract for Services.

User acknowledges that if the contract is terminated by the User without giving a reason during a subscription period, no refund claim will be accepted. The same rule applies to the situation when the Service Provider terminates the contract for the reasons stated in section 9.2 or if the contract is terminated for a reason that falls outside the liability of the Service Provider.

Parties are obliged to account for each other within 30 days after the termination of the contract.

9.5. Temporary suspension of the Service

The Parties may agree on the temporary suspension of the Service if the User initiates it. The period of the suspension can be no longer than 180 days. During the suspension period, the Service Provider may suspend the billing of the Service Fee.

10. Limiting access

If the User delays in its payment obligation or an infringing or unlawful activity is detected, the Service Provider is entitled to the following (beside charging statutory default interest in effect at the time), with a concurrent notification to the User, when such a delay takes place or when such an unlawful, infringing conduct is detected:

a) to suspend any activity (for example instalment) that is carried out for the User, to suspend the User’s registration; and/or

b) to suspend the Services made available for the User or the suspend access fully or partly (specifically to prevent the use of any functionalities provided as part of the Service).

11. Confidentiality

Regarding this section, „Confidential Data” means the following: any fact, information, solution or other data (including data that can be derived from the above), irrespective of its representation, that the Sender discloses to the Recipient regarding the contract or that comes to the knowledge of the Recipient during the performance of the contract by any other means. Regulations, know-how, data providing the informational access (user names and passwords), business and operational processes and methods, plans and specifications, financial, marketing and sale data, client lists, software and data systems and other intellectual works all constitute Confidential Data. Data that is well-known in the field of use or that is publicly and directly available to anyone do not constitute Confidential Data. It does not affect the status as Confidential Data of a know-how in its entirety if some elements of the know-how are not Confidential Data, but the whole content as the aggregate of the elements is not well-known or publicly and directly available to anyone in its entirety. Data that is labelled as „public” or „not confidential” by the Sender when providing the information to the Recipient is not to be regarded as Confidential Data either.


Under the confidentiality obligation, the Recipient is obliged not to disclose Confidential Data, to treat such data as confidential, keep it separate from non-confidential data and to carry out any reasonably expectable safety measures to ensure the confidentiality of Confidential Data. Confidential Data cannot be published by the Recipient, nor can it be shared with anyone else apart from the Sender without the Sender’s prior written authorisation.

Without the Sender’s authorisation otherwise, Confidential Data is to be used by the Recipient exclusively in connection with the performance of the contract and only to the extent that is necessary for that performance.

If a Confidential Data becomes unnecessary for the performance of the contract, the Recipient is obliged to comply with the Sender’s request to destroy or hand back such data, including copies or modifications containing that data.

The Recipient’s obligation of confidentiality is without time limits, independent of even a retrospective termination of the Service contract.

Sharing Confidential Data in the following cases are not to be regarded as the infringement of the obligation of confidentiality:

a) Recipient shares Confidential Data with employees, advisors, subcontractors, owners or other assistants employed in a way not contrary to the conditions of the contract (contractually), provided that such assistants of the Recipient are under an obligation of confidentiality to at least the same extent as stated in this section pursuant either to a confidentiality statement by the assistants to the Recipient, a separate confidentiality agreement signed by the Recipient and the assistants or based on statue;

b) the Recipient is obliged to share or publish Confidential Data under an order of an authority or court, measure or legislation, provided that the Recipient notifies – as far as law allows – the Sender immediately about that obligation.

If the Recipient or its assistant for whose conduct the Recipient is liable breaches the obligation of confidentiality under this agreement, the Recipient will be liable for all damages.

Recipient is obliged to notify the Sender about the breach of confidentiality immediately and to cooperate with the Sender in unfolding the circumstances of the infringement, especially the identity of the natural person in breach.

The Parties are under the obligation of confidentiality for an indefinite time, independent of the termination of the contract.

12. Failure reporting

The User may report failures on the email addresses of roiminer@roiminer.com and finance@resultsfirst.hu.

When reporting a failure the reporting email should contain the operational system used at the time of failure, its version number, data of occurrent update, name of the browser and its accurate version number, the time of failure and the steps taken so far.

The customer service of the Service Provider will reply to the User within 48 hours regarding the reported failure, and start the troubleshooting process within 48 hours as well if possible.

13. Liability

Service Provider’s liability exists in relation to direct damages of the User caused during the Subscription period, with the exception of intentional damages, up to the amount of the fees paid for Services within 12 months prior to the eventuation of the damages, but the total amount cannot exceed HUF 1.000.000 for each Subscription period.

Service Provider excludes any liability to the full extent permitted by law for indirect or consequential damages, specifically for loss of profit, loss of income, service intervals, loss of data and loss of goodwill.

User acknowledges that it chooses the Services and their functionalities from the Services offered by the Service Provider based on its own judgement bearing its own liability in order to reach its own business objectives. In case the User engages the Service in an improper or unprofessional manner, the Service Provider excludes any liability for the results that can be achieved with the Service.

Service Provider is only liable for complying with legislation according to the law governing the Services provided under the contract and its activities.

Service Provider is not liable for damages resulting from the inadequate use of the web storage or the software. Service Provider is not liable for the User’s occurrent loss of profit regarding its individual webpage/website either.

Given the nature of the Service, the User accepts that if Google observes abusive behaviour or if the User uses such functions – when using the Services – in the designing and operation of its campaign that would incur further payment obligations, additional costs, then the User is obliged to pay those costs to the Service Provider. Since Google charges the additional costs to the Service Provider in this case. With the use of the Service, the User accepts the aforementioned additional costs to be required to be paid by the User by the Service Provider.

In all cases when the Service Provider is approached by Google with a developmental or other request within the Service Provider’s interest and the Service Provider fails to comply with the request, the Service Provider is to be liable to Google and is obliged to comply with its payment obligation.

Service Provider developed its ROIminer Ads Automation Service module in cooperation with, and with the authorisation of Google. Also, it operates the module by taking into account the guidelines of Google Ads.

The Service Provider may, regarding particular services, connect to further systems (for example Google Analytics, Facebook, etc.), the details of such connections are defined in the description of each service, annexed to these Terms and Conditions.

14. Unilateral modification of Terms and Conditions

Service Provider is entitled to unilaterally modify these Terms and Conditions with sending a prior notification to the Users. The notification is posted on the Website by the Service Provider 30 days before the modified Terms and Conditions enter into force, and the User is notified directly as well on the email address given by the User.

If the User does not accept the provisions of the modified Terms and Conditions, it is entitled to terminate the subscription contract with a 15 days notice. In case of price change, the modified prices will not affect the prices of the Services already used in the Subscription period, and so termination on the grounds of price change per se is not possible.

If the User does not exercise its right of termination within the above period, then the modified provisions will enter into force with respect to the User on the 31st day after notification.

15. Force Majeure

According to this section, unavoidable events resulting from outside the interest of the relevant Party are to be regarded as force majeure events, specifically (i) qualified periodic status (state of emergency, case of emergency, dangerous situation, preventative defense state, unaccepted attack) or other state that constitute catastrophic emergency, independent of the annunciation of the qualified periodic status or the proclamation of catastrophe; (ii) strike or similar walk-out, with the exception of the strike or walk-out of the Party’s employees.

Neither of the Parties are liable for non-performance, faulty of delayed performance of the contract if it was caused by force majeure as defined in the above section. In case of force majeure, the relevant Party is obliged to notify the other Party in writing immediately. The omitting Party is liable for damages resulting from a failure of such notification.

The effect of the contract is suspended during a force majeure event to the extent that the performance of the contract is not possible due to the event of force majeure.

16. Dispute resolution

Parties agree that in case a dispute arises regarding the present agreement, they will primarily aim to resolve the dispute in a peaceful manner. If the dispute cannot be resolved in a peaceful manner, then either Party may initiate court proceedings after 30 days of the first written notification of the dispute. In case of discrepancy between the Hungarian and the English versions of these Terms and Conditions, the provisions of the Hungarian Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

17. Governing law

The present agreement is governed by Hungarian law, specifically by the provisions of the Civil Code.

18. Notifications

Parties agree that notifications and communications to each other under the contract are valid if they are made in writing, in person, by certified post delivery or via electronic mail to the email address given by the other Party.

If the Service Provider provides for other processes of notifications to the registered Users of the Service, then notifications made with those processes will be valid as well.

Contact information of the Service Provider’s contact person is available on the Website.

19. Prohibition of resale

Without the Service Provider’s prior written authorisation the resale of the Services is forbidden, both for consideration and for free. Proper use of the Services means, among others, that the User may use the Services exclusively for its own internal business purposes.

20. Assignment

Leaving the conditions unchanged and giving the User at least a 30 day notice, Service Provider is entitled to transfer its clients fully or in groups to a third party service provider. With the assignment, the new service provider takes the Service Provider’s place in the User’s contract, taking its rights and obligations.

21. Assistants

Service Provider, in exercising its rights and obligations, is entitled to engage a co-operator (assistant) acting on behalf and for the benefit of it. Service Provider is liable for the contractually engaged assistant’s conduct as it was its own. If the Service Provider engages an assistant in a way contrary to the contract, it is to be liable for those damages as well that would not have occurred without the engagement of that assistant.

The present Terms and Conditions enter into force on 25 February 2021.

Annex No. 1

ROIminer Ads automation service

The ROIminer Ads Automation service is an online tool that is capable of upscaling Google Ads campaigns by automating campaign creation and management. By using ROIminer ads automation your ads will be up-to-date with your current product inventory and will only appear for relevant keywords.

ROIminer ads automation is capable of:

  • flexible and customisable mass ad text and keyword creation based on predefined rules, campaing and AdGroup structure from XML data
  • rules for alternative ad text (e.g. change Description Line 2 to contain “Free Shipping” if product price is > x
  • campaign level CPC-bid definition
  • campaign structure reflects webshop category structure
  • multiple bidding and targeting options
  • keyword management and negative keywords
  • automatic ad upload and deletion (when products become available or go out of stock)
  • dynamic product price management without the need to modify ad text (use of Ad Customizers)
  • creation of countdown ads with the use of Ad Customizers
  • algorithmic conversion optimisation – changing CPC or ad status based on Google Analytics data and predefined rules

ROIminer ads automation is designed for midsize and big e-commerce portals, social shopping and travelling portals, listing sites and furthermore to any website that has a large number of products/service and would like to advertise in Google Ads more effectively.

Customer data in ROIminer ads automation is accesible only to the exact client creating the project and persons authorized by the client. Data is NOT shared with other customers, or with any other third party.

Annex No. 2

ROIminer Audit service

ROIminer audits help to measure the effectiveness and exploit the shortcomings of the ad and analytics account. It has separate modules, listed below.

ROIminer audit never saves and stores sensitive account data such as exact campaign names, ad groups, ads, ad extensions and keywords of any type. Only statistical data needed for ROIminer overall score calculation will be downloaded.

Customer data in ROIminer ads automation is accesible only to the exact client creating the project and persons authorized by the client. Data is NOT shared with other customers, or with any other third party.

ROIminer reserves the right to use customer data and trends related to the use of its offerings as long as the data, metrics and trends do not contain uniquely identifiable customer data.

ROIminer Audit service modules

  1. Google Ads audit module

ROIminer Google Ads audit is an online, browser-based tool to measure the effectiveness and the level of professionalism in any Google Ads advertising account.

ROIminer Watchdog Google Ads audit analyzes the account’s

  • advertising statistics such as campaign type, impression share, impression share lost to ad rank, quality score and it’s components (expected click-through rate, ad relevance, landing page experience).
  • keyword match types, number of (useful) keywords
  • number of ad groups, ad extensions and the number of unique landing pages.
  • bid modifiers and other targeting settings (ad schedules, geo-targeting)
  • check if advanced account level settings are enabled like conversion tracking, remarketing audiences, Gmail ads.

Status: free public beta version

  1. Facebook ads audit module

ROIminer Facebook Ads Audit is an online, browser-based tool to measure the effectiveness and level of professionalism of any Facebook advertising account.

ROIminer analyzes the account’s advertising statistics such as impressions, reach, campaign types, number of campaigns and ad sets, relevance score, targeted audiences, targeting and placement options. It will also check the account’s activity and check if advanced advertising options such as conversion tracking and dynamic product ads are enabled.

Status: invite-only non-public version

  1. Google Analytics audit module

ROIminer Analytics Audit is an online, browser-based tool to measure the health, effectiveness and data integrity of any Google Analytics account/property/view.

ROIminer Analytics Watchdog audit analyzes the account’s:

  • settings such as bot filtering, the presence of Google Ads integration, demographic data, custom dimensions, and site search.
  • data integrity like sessions, custom campaign tracking, source/medium data, channel grouping, referrals, goals, events, bounce rate.

Based on pre-established rules, all these components are being evaluated and a final Analytics Watchdog Audit score is given to the user.

Status: invite-only non-public version

Annex No. 3

ROIminer Watchdog service

ROIminer Watchdog is an alerting system for Google Ads ad accounts. It constantly monitors account performance and alerts users in case of a failure.

Alerting system on the most important aspects of your Google Ads account:

  • zero impression alert
  • click/session alert
  • low activity alert
  • budget depletion alert
  • disapproved ads alert
  • broken URL alert
  • campaign end date alert

ROIminer Watchdog never saves and stores exact campaign names, ad groups, complete ad texts, ad extensions and keywords of any type. Only statistical data needed for ROIminer alerting functionality will be downloaded.

Status: free public beta version